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Novel low-cost and edge-oriented imaging device

The integration and provision of a resilient Surveillance and Advanced Smart Sensing ecosystem plays a key role to support the main goal of S4AllCities project of augmenting the smart cities’ Spaces Situational Awareness with intelligence, context and evaluated real-time cyber and physical security threat levels. S4AllCities sensing ecosystem will offer the necessary information through the combination of legacy technologies and cutting-edge, state-of-the-art and beyond novel low-cost surveillance solutions,

One of the current challenges to enhance the preparedness and capabilities of Smart Cities when referring to public spaces and soft targets is to ensure a fast and efficient situational awareness, provided resiliently under a crisis scenario. Taking advantage of an efficient integration of legacy systems like video surveillance or checking the information from any available heterogeneous sensors is crucial nowadays. However, there is a lack of more specific, on-demand surveillance tools tailored to the needs of the public authorities, civil protection and law enforcement personnel to support their operations on the field.

One example of such a tool is the low-cost and edge-oriented resource-constrained image-based processing device that will be developed by TEKNIKER. By enabling a industrial-grade low-cost fully customized device concept that embeds the camera sensor, the image acquisition electronics (for embedded or external image sources) and the advanced processing capability in a constrained form factor, TEKNIKER will offer a solution able to detect specific events through the local execution of advanced edge algorithms and deliver the results to any existing communication network. Such kind of approach offers a flexible solution that can work with no need for other additional data processing components local or remote, and that could also keep offering relevant information without being limited in its functionality because of network constraints or data bandwidth limitations, which is a potential scenario in case of a crisis.

 Edge camera system hardware prototype
Edge camera system hardware prototype

In parallel to the specific developments, TEKNIKER is also leading the task related to legacy systems adaptation. More specifically, TEKNIKER is proactively working in coordination with Bilbao municipality and the rest of entities in Bilbao pilot (Basque Police Ertzaintza, Metro Bilbao and Zabala) for the identification and listing of the most relevant legacy systems that can support the pilot scenarios. Later, the focus will be on supporting the technical adaptations to ensure a successful integration of those legacy sensors within the S4AllCities system architecture.


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