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S4AllCities – The end of a journey

After 28 months of activity, the S4AllCities project is concluding its final activities, with the project coming to a final close on 31/12/2022. Within the past two years, the consortium overcame several difficulties and a challenging work pace and managing to deliver on its promise of 3 successful pilots in 3 European Smart Cities. The difficulties centered around the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically travel restrictions forcing the consortium to perform all integration activities remotely. However, excellent technical coordination by the ATOS ensured that the desirable results were achieved.

And what results those were! Three pilots in Trikala Greece, Pilsen Czechia and Bilbao Spain, each with its own set of challenges to overcome, a different type of public space to protect and an escalating level of complexity. Through the pilots, the versatility of the developed S4AllCities System of Systems was demonstrated. The 28 partners worked closely together to provide an interdisciplinary approach that was both customized to the needs of each end user/cities but also modular enough to be used as a unified solution among different cities.

Trikala served as the first pilot allowing to demonstrate the S4allCities system within an urban environment showcasing the core functionalities such as visual analytics, sensors and models to support decision making. Pilsen pilot allowed to see the technologies used in a real-time full-scale exercise and collect valuable feedback from end users on the field. Finally, the Bilbao pilot demonstrated the finalized integrated system and brought together stakeholders and relevant European projects to exchange ideas and share expertise.

All these were achieved by addressing technological, organizational and cultural challenges and through a joint vision for protected, prepared and resilient cities.



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