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Advanced Cyber and Physical Situation Awareness in Urban Smart Spaces

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Bournemouth University (BU), Prof. Zoheir Sabeur and team have successfully submitted the paper "Advanced Cyber and Physical Situation Awareness in Urban Smart Spaces" to the 12th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (@AHFE2021). Our paper has been accepted for publication at @Springer in the conference proceedings. We are looking forward to meeting our colleagues in New York on July 25-29, 2021.

Prof. Zoheir Sabeur is also chairing two sessions @AHFE2021 concerning #IoT and #AI namely, Cognitive Living Spaces by Using IoT Devices and Multimodal Measurements, Artificial Intelligence and Mental Structure sessions.

A #cyberbehaviour-detection module which identifies unusualness in cyber traffic networks is described in our paper. Also, a #physical-behaviour-detection module is introduced. The two modules function within the so-called Malicious Attacks Information Detection System (#MAIDS) Digital Twin.

BU is leading #MAIDS work package in the S4AllCities Project. The classification of threats or attacks will be researched through investigating on quality data from the S4AllCities pilot cities and field experiments @BU using #machinelearning methods.


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