Protection of crowds and smart city transport infrastructure, public buildings and central park


Trikala, Greece

The Trikala pilot scenarios are built around two main soft targets:

  • The autonomous bus transport infrastructure of Trikala

  • The park of Trikala that hosts the Christmas Festival activities.

In addition, the municipality buildings (e.g. City Hall) as well as the Smart CITY control centre that manages all smart city infrastructures. 


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Image by Jorge Fernández Salas


Protection of crowds during massive gatherings for festivities in the city center and metro station


Bilbao, Spain

The Bilbao pilot scenario will be based on:

  • anomaly detection and illicit behaviour detection of individuals or group of people in crowd in high risk areas of the venue that may compromise the safety of the people and the safety of the infrastructures,

  • automated detection of explosives and suspected armed attackers,

  • guidance people to a safe place,

  • early detection and protection of cyber-attack to avoid taking over control of the information and the systems involved in the scenario.


Evacuation of the football stadium in Pilsen


Pilsen, Czech Republic

The Pilsen pilot scenario focuses on a crisis situation during a mass gathering of people in a single space, including an evacuation of 15000 people from a football stadium and its surroundings.


The football stadium of Viktoria Plzeň, is owned by the City of Pilsen and accommodates 11700 spectators.

As a result, around 15000 people might be concentrated in the stadium and nearby public spaces during the major football games. The surroundings include a pedestrian zones and park, nearby (600m) main train station and bus terminal, public transportation stops (bus, tram, trolleybus), nearby main road with transit traffic with 2 lanes in each direction, and the city historical centre is located 200-400m from the stadium.


The scenario will focus on managing a crisis situation at the stadium, alternatively either:

  • a terrorist attack, or

  • a leak of a toxic ammonia gas from the neighbouring Pilsner Urquell brewery.