Smart Spaces
Safety and Security for All Cities

Evaluating in real time cyber and physical security threat levels in smart cities via
digitally augmented situational awareness 

The Project

Smart cities need to ensure a secure and safe physical and digital ecosystem for the well-being of EU citizens. The EU-funded S4AllCities project aims to make cities’ infrastructures, services, ICT systems and Internet of Things more resilient while promoting intelligence and information sharing amongst security stakeholders. To achieve this, it will integrate advanced technological & organisational solutions into a market-oriented, unified cyber–physical security management framework. The system will focus on risk-based open smart spaces security management, cybersecurity shielding, suspicious activity, behaviour tracking, the identification of unattended objects, the real-time estimation of cyber–physical risks in multiple locations and measures activation for effective crisis management. This work will play a role in promoting good safety and security practices in European cities.



(1 September 2020 - 31 August 2022)

€9 738 317.34

Overall Budget


The S4AllCities approach centers around the development of three modular digital twin sub-systems, each bringing a complementary level of intelligence to the smart city.

The S4Allcities Digital Twins, specialize in the digital representation and machine understanding of major real-time processes and objects which are encountered in physical urban smart spaces.

The three S4AllCities Digital Twins are the:

  • Distributed Edge Computing IoT Platform: DECIoT, responsible for the intelligent edge processing of sensor observations & measurements

  • Malicious Actions Information Detection System: MAIDS, responsible for machine detection and intelligent understanding of behavior

  • Augmented Context Management System: ACMS, responsible for the augmented reality and intelligence under a Common Operational Picture.


Collectively, the digital twins achieve specialized levels of situation awareness in the smart space while using Artificial Intelligence. One of the main goals of the S4AllCities is to deploy the three digital twins for achieving automated, scalable, and performing captures of real-time intelligence on safety and security of urban smart spaces. The digital twins will be demonstrated in the urban smart spaces of three European smart cities.



Smart sensing for city space observations & measurements
  • Low cost fiber Bragg sensors

  • Low-cost edge-oriented resource-constrained image-based processing

  • Non-intrusive portable NIR spectrometer

  • Airborne sensing platforms

  • Community-policing crowd sensing platform

  • Next generation Emergency 112 call enabled smart sensing

Modular Digital Twins
  • Distributed Edge Computing IoT with Intelligent Data streaming, analytics and feedback -  DECIoT

  • City Spaces processes machine detection and understanding with advanced situational awareness – MAIDS

  • 3D/4D city spaces and processes augmented representation management with advanced contextual awareness – ACMS

Physical and Cyber-security shielding
  • p-PUF based security lock (photonic physically unclonable function)

  • Data anonymization

  • Cyber incidents detection



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